[BF2] Making map grabbing most content from another map

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[BF2] Making map grabbing most content from another map

Postby Senshi » Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:33 pm

Well, basically I want to make a new Kashan_Desert map (Project Reality) that is completely the same and only has a different Gameplay-Layout (say: only the Gameplayobjects.con as well as the Info\-Files are being changed).

In order to save filespace, I want to order the game to load the textures, heightmap, sounds, etc. etc. from the original Kashan Desert. I know that is possible and I can do that in BF42 easily. But as I usually don't mod BF2, I'm kinda stuck on which paths there are to change so things get working, and what files can't be referred and have to be in due to some BF2 oddity I'm unaware of.

My current try should work in theory, but crashes after the map has loaded 100% for some reason...In the init.con most other ".con" are called, and thus I changed all them to load from kashan desert original (which works just fine...). Only the Object lightmaps don't work for some reason (debugger just says the file levels\kashan_desert\lightmaps\objects\lightmaps0 can't be found, though it definetly is there. Weird.). Also, groundhemi.dds and lowdetailtexture are in.

Currently the folder contains:
Envmaps (f)
GameModes (f)
HuD (f)
Info (f)
Lightmaps (f)

Code: Select all
run Levels/kashan_desert/Heightdata.con
run Levels/kashan_desert/Terrain.con v_arg2
run Levels/kashan_desert/Sky.con v_arg2
run Levels/kashan_desert/CompiledRoads.con
run Levels/kashan_desert/Sounds.con
run Levels/kashan_desert/SoundDistances.con
run Levels/kashan_desert/tmp.con v_arg1
Undergrowth.load Levels\kashan_desert\
run Levels/kashan_desert/Overgrowth/Overgrowth.con
run Levels/kashan_desert/Overgrowth/OvergrowthCollision.con
run Levels/kashan_desert/AmbientObjects.con
run Levels/kashan_desert/Water.con
run Levels/kashan_desert/TriggerableTemplates.con

rem ------------------------------- LevelSettings -------------------------------
rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

run ../../factions_usa/usa.con
run ../../factions_mec/mec.con

rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

gameLogic.setBeforeSpawnCamera -61/67/718 138/18/0

if v_arg1 == BF2Editor
LevelSettings.CustomTextureSuffix ""
texturemanager.customTextureSuffix ""
rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

GameLogic.MaximumLevelViewDistance 1000

rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 16 1 400
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 16 2 400
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 32 1 600
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 32 2 600
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 64 1 600
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 64 2 600
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 128 1 100
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 128 2 100
gameLogic.setDefaultTimeToNextAIWave 8
gameLogic.setTicketLossAtEndPerMin 1000
gameLogic.setTicketLossPerMin 1 10
gameLogic.setTicketLossPerMin 2 10
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