Soldier rigging request....

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Soldier rigging request....

Postby Apache Thunder » Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:39 pm

Ok first formal request for me here. I really want the BFheroes soldier mesh ported to BF1942 but the amount of vertex skinning required is just beyond me. I gave it a shot but gave up on it.

So I request that someone here who has vertex skinning experience/soldier rigging experience do this for me. I have already got the prepared skeleton and the soldier mesh in a max file. I used the skeleton Archimonday prepared. I then rotated the skeleton bones so that they are mostly inside the new soldier mesh. All it really needs now is to be vertex skinned.

Exporting to SM is not needed. Send me back the max file and I can work with that. I compared the german soldier mesh and the royal one and aside from the texture they are mostly the same. Royal textures looks fine on the national soldier mesh, so this leads me to believe that they are identical mesh wise. So I only require that one soldier mesh be done.

The head and hands are separate objects. Doing a 1p body mesh rig is optional but not required. I can probably do that part my self. Though it would be appreciated if that be done for me too.

I can't offer much in return but will give credit to the one who does this in the mod credits. For now I m the only one that has done all the work with the mod, so only credits in it thus far is EA, me, and the DC makers since I used skeleton/animation files from the M249 for use with the MGs. :P

Download Link for prepared Max file:

Please note 3DSMax 7 or later is required to open my max file. Texture is provided in case you want to be able to see the soldier uniform in max.

The mesh doesn't line up perfectly with the skeleton in a few places. But I believe it's close enough that it shouldn't be a problem ingame. The structure of the mesh anatomy wise is no different then the vanilla soldier meshes in BF42 so the skeleton shouldn't need to be modified. (thus requiring new animations which would be a real pain.)

Rotating skeleton bones doesn't cause issues from what Archi says. Just make sure not to "move" any of the bones. Rotation adjustments only!

You can however modify the mesh to fit the skeleton better if that is required.

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Re: Soldier rigging request....

Postby MR PINK BALLS » Sat May 01, 2010 2:53 am

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