Request for a Hs-293 Model..

Give a clear description of what you need and maybe Santa will deliver

Request for a Hs-293 Model..

Postby Dennis|8749236 » Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:26 pm

If you know how to make the exist model have less face, please download the model from this link(It have more than 29000 faces >.<):
Password : 8749236 ... ctile.html

It need to have 3.82 meters long, 3.1 meters wide, and with diameter 0.47m (don't need to be very accurate, like length 3.8 meters)
It should have less face
If is possible please add more details to it..
If is possible, please draw a texture for it, thank you..

A already finished Hs-293 but need to pay for it... (i have no money :( )

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