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The writeExeCrc command

Postby Diamondback » Fri Oct 04, 2019 2:45 am

Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody knew anything about these "commands"? I stumbled upon writeExeCrc a few weeks ago on this website (see red rectangle): Image.

I also found a similar command on this website, called getExeCrc.

My theory is that these commands were probably active in earlier versions of the game and were later made inactive. They are similar to the existing getContentCRC command used to generate a Contentcrc32.con file to allow unpure mods on a server.

Now I am not sure if these are console commands or not. I tried typing "game.writeExeCrc" in the console but it does not recognize the command. Same for "game.getExeCrc". I am pretty sure these commands belong to the game class of console commands, but I do not know how to confirm this. There is another similar command called "game.writePrecache", and it is active in BF1942 v1.61.

Adding "+writeExeCrc 1" to the Target field of a custom BF1942.exe shortcut I made makes the game not launch, while adding "+getExeCrc 1" to that same Target field launches my test map properly, but nothing else happens.

I think writeExeCrc and getExeCrc could have interesting applications to prevent players (ie, cheaters) from tampering with the BF1942.exe and DLL injecting it. Coupled with some conditional statements someone could build a very basic CRC for the BF1942.exe, as the current getContentCRC command is pretty limited and only checks the map RFAs of custom mods (not the Archives). But that's if the commands even work, which I doubt. They are probably a relic of some old cheat prevention mechanism which was removed or never implemented in the game, such as the Weather and Lensflares commands.
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