Are those idea possible as SSM?

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Are those idea possible as SSM?

Postby Sabakan » Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:16 pm

Im running coop server "Donpachi Field", I want to know if those ideas are possible as SSM,not as CSM.if those ideas are possible,could you plz tell me how to do it?
1.add weapons to vechles like "Hanomag with Flak38" ,"Zero with Katsusya's rocket","Jeep with M2","Hatsuzuki with Torpedo Launcher"
2.change vechles armor like "Jeep that has Yamato's Armor","Zero that has Tiger's armor"
3.load vanilla's object from DCF/FHSW/BG42(Gutens[Play blue][] does it on DCF)
4.spawn from vechles(I have played a server that can spawn from flying plane)
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