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Console Unlocker 1.0

Postby Classical Modder » Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:42 pm

Hi all,

This is a new useful script that I have been making in the last three days. It allows players to customize their games in a thousand of different ways while being in game and without having to access the menu to do so.

The scripts work on LAN and Internet games, and on servers with and without content-check enabled. I haven't tested them yet on PunkBuster servers.


These are a series of scripts that are available to players to customize their in-game Head's Up Display (HUD). You no longer have to press Escape to change your key binds and other settings. I find that method really annoying when you want to toggle certain settings on and off (such as lightmaps or shadows). With this series of scripts, you simply press a key and you see the change to your game setting immediately, without having to mess around in the menu.

The scripts are varied and change a bunch of settings in game with the simple press of a button. You can toggle your hud on or off, show an Internet ping graph, change your fov, change your nickname, change your crosshair color settings and much more all by pressing your Numpad keys. The YouTube video below shows the full extent of the current customizable console commands.


Please note that the commands included in Console Unlocker are all legal and are available to players to use in game. No hacks or commands that could give players an unfair advantage over others are included in this program.


Console Unlocker consists of a series of .txt files that are all linked to each other in order to create a "control map" within the in-game display of the player. The TXT files are located in the main BF1942 directory of your game installation as well as in the mods/bf1942 folder in a folder called "scripts". A TXT file called "config_42.txt" is present in the main game directory to activate the Console Unlocker program while in game.

After having downloaded the program (Console Unlocker.zip), you will see a folder called "scripts" in the "Console Unlocker" folder. In that same folder, you will see a file called "config_42.txt".

First, copy the "scripts" folder to C:/Program Files (x86)/EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942/Mods/bf1942.

Then, copy the "config_42.txt" file to your main BF1942 directory, located at C:/Program Files (x86)/EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942/.

You are now all set to start using the Console Unlocker. To use the program, connect to any Internet server of your choice, or test it on LAN. Once you are in the game, open the console by pressing the tilde key (`) located under the "Esc" key.

There, type "include config_42.txt". You will now see gray text in the left portion of your screen that confirms that the script has been activated ("console unlocker 1.0"). The next step is to start using the commands. Press Numpad 9 to access the main menu of the program. After having pressed Numpad 9, you will again see gray text that says "main_menu".

The main menu is basically a directory of all the different command menus that are available for you to use. I have made seven different command menus for you to use. To access the different menus, you must press different keys on your keyboard. I bound some keys that weren't used in my Controls Menu (or that I could afford to reuse for console scripts), such as Y, B, C, V, O, I, X. Basically:

Y = field of view (fov) commands. Press Y to access the fov menu, which will show up in your game HUD as "fov_menu". Once you are in the menu, press the Numpads from 1 to 4 to change the different fov values. These values go from fov 1 (default value, Numpad 1) to fov 1.4 (highest value, Numpad 4).
B = minimap toggle commands. Press B to access the minimap menu, which will show up in your game HUD as "minimap_menu". The keybinds are: Numpad 1 = minimap turned on; Numpad 2 = disable the minimap; Numpad 3 = turn on static minimap; Numpad 4 = turn off static minimap.
C = mipmap bias commands. Press C to access the mipmap menu, which will show up in game as "mipmap_menu". The keybinds are Numpads 1 to 4, 1 being the highest level of texture detail, and 4 being the lowest level of texture detail.
V = ping graph toggle commands. Press V to access the ping graph menu, which will show up in your game as "netgraph_menu". The keybinds are: Numpad 1 = turn on the ping graph and Numpad 2 = turn off the ping graph.
O = sound info toggle commands. Press O to access the sound info menu, which will show up in your game as "sound_menu". The keybinds are: Numpad 1 = turn on sound info; Numpad 2 = turn off sound info; Numpad 3 = say Hello to every player in the server.
I = hud and fps toggle commands and crosshair editor commands. Press I to access the hud and fps toggle menu, which will show up in your game as "hud_menu". The keybinds are: Numpad 1 = turn on your HUD; Numpad 2 = turn off your HUD; Numpad 3 = turn on the FPS graph; Numpad 4 = turn off the FPS graph; Numpad 5 = turn on FPS display; Numpad 6 = turn off FPS display; Numpad 7 = get access to the crosshair color menu (which will appear as crosshair_color_menu). From the crosshair color menu, you can toggle different crosshair colors: Numpad 1 = yellow (default value); Numpad 2 = red; Numpad 3 = blue; Numpad 4 = green; Numpad 5 = black; Numpad 6 = white.
X = nickname changer (3 different nick changes). Press X to access the nickname menu, which will show up in your game as "nickname_menu". The keybinds are: Numpad 1 = Nickname #1 (in this case, change it with your preferred nickname of course); Numpad 2 = Nickname #2; Numpad 3 = Nickname #3. This script can be useful for clan members or people that play the game competitively. You can change your name on the fly without going back to the Customize menu by pressing Esc.

All the commands and menus are clearly labelled so you know which commands mean what. For example, while changing the different fov commands, you will have an indication of the precise command you are using, and what value it has (see the video above). If you would like some help on how to edit certain text files, please PM me. I know that of course the nickname menu commands must be changed to use your actual preferred nicknames. In the program above, it uses my nicknames.

Also please not that in order to navigate back to the "main_menu" of the Console Unlocker to change another series of commands, you will have to type in the console "include config_42.txt" again. Thankfully, the console in BF1942 is smart and remembers the commands you enter. So, instead of writing the whole command again, simply press the down arrow and press enter, and you will be back to "console_unlocker_1.0" text. From there, remember to press Numpad 9 again, to enter the "main_menu" menu, and then press any letter from the list above to activate another command menu.


I am still working on a way to turn off the Console Unlocker while in game. If you want to use default in-game values, simply restart your game. I will add a command for you to do that automatically in the next release. Or, you can always press Alt + F4 and reboot your game.


This is just a first release and the code is very disorganized. I plan on expanding the Console Unlocker to add more commands, such as potentially a command to join Internet servers while in game (without having to navigate to the Internet menu).

Some of the things I plan to add in a future release:

- Toggle lightmaps on and off
- Change crosshair sizes and icons
- Join Internet servers from in-game
- Possibly bind sound scripts to console commands
- A bunch of other useful commands, if I can make them work


I am working on a new version, which corrects some things and adds new features. The new Console Unlocker version will be part of the next release of my Raised Fist mod.

Please report any bugs here. If you have any questions, just ask here or PM.

Some notes: The commands you set with this program are overwritten by your menu keybinds and controls. For example, if you change your nick in game with this script, it will not reflect in your Customize menu.
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Re: Console Unlocker 1.0

Postby russ » Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:29 am

Download link does not work.
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Re: Console Unlocker 1.0

Postby Classical Modder » Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:24 pm

russ wrote:Download link does not work.

Hi, I am working on a new version atm, so I pulled down the link to the old version, which had many bugs. The new version of Console Unlocker will be available in the next release of my Raised Fist mod, which should come in December if everything goes well.
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