Please tell me how to add bots to BF1918, EoD, & BG42

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Please tell me how to add bots to BF1918, EoD, & BG42

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It would be even better if someone could post the necessary edited files.

I am trying to get up to 255 bots for BF1918, EoD and especially BG42. I tried several methods, including this mod with the work already done: ... erhaul-mod

This mod works for Vanilla BF42, GC, BF1941 and several others. Does not work for BF1918, EoD or BG42. I still just have the max of 64 bots.

Then I tried doing the editing myself using this guide: ... ds-255-max

It did not work for the mods I wanted it for, and when I looked at the troubleshooting guide, I saw this:

2. Re-open BF:MDT and click Menu Editor

(a.) With BF:MDT this time we're going to open the Menu Editor. In Menu Editor, at the top, hit 'File' then 'Open' then open the new folder you created on your desktop and then open the 'menu' folder within it (The directory would be 'Desktop\New folder\menu') and finally open 'CreateGameMenuPage1'.

(b.) Press Ctrl+F and a search box will appear. Enter "dice::meme::BfEditNodeInt" (Without the quotes) and click 'Find Next'. Now press F3 ONCE to cycle to the next line with the same name (You may have to cycle through a few times to find the correct line, it may vary).

(c.) Now expand the highlighted field. When expanded you should see "Int32: 64". Click it so its highlighted. Now, at the top of the window you will now see "Int32: 64" to the right of the save button. From there change the '64' to '255'. Then make sure to click 'Update' THEN 'Save'. You can now close the Menu Editor.

That is where my problem is. None of the mods I want more bots in actually have the file 'CreateGameMenuPage1' in their menu.rfa. I do not know where the number of bots for these mods can be found. If anyone has added more bots to those 3 mods, BF1918, EoD and BG42 and can either tell me in detail how to do it, or if anyone can post the relevant files that I can just download and add to my folders, I would really appreciate it.
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Re: Please tell me how to add bots to BF1918, EoD, & BG42

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kittymiller wrote: Tue Jan 24, 2023 12:36 pm use the in-game console command "bot" drywall repair in fort worth texasfollowed by the number of bots you want to add and the difficulty level.
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