Question about custom objects

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Question about custom objects

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Hey guys,

recently i started working on a new Iwo Jima map using Battlecraft 1942. I am making this mod for Forgotten Hope 0.7. I would want a pack where all FH objects have like a "Texture" folder, "Standardmesh" folder, a "menu" folder, "objects" folder and a "init.con.changes.txt" file. I need these 5 different folders/files so i can add custom FH files to BC1942 as seen here: ... adding.htm
I am NOT requesting ALL of the FH objects. Mostly I am requesting the LVT-4, LVTa4, Trenches, Artillery, and Bunkers(because lots of LVTs, trenches, etc. were used in Iwo Jima)

Thank You

p.s. if anyone can, please can i get a tutorial for something like this?
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