Battleclaft ain't working in Windows 10

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Battleclaft ain't working in Windows 10

Post by FraNKVD »

Hi modders,

I have Windows 10 x64 and I have no way to use Battlecraft 42 on my PC as it requires OpenGL and after many tries I can't fix the two errors: i require wgl_ext_swap_control to work, and: failed to initialize some OpenGl extensions. Could you lend me a hand in that issue if you don't mind of course.
Also I tried to use Ed42, but the cursor doesn't show up on screen, but yes on the settings bar, and the objects doesn't show up-
Thank you very much in advance.

Any kind of help would be very helpful.

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Re: Battleclaft ain't working in Windows 10

Post by Crash42modder »

I use windows 10 and it works fine.

Possible issues.

1) I installed it in c program files and NOT c program files x86. (Battlecraft was made before the whole X86) thing. It might work better if you install both Battlecraft AND the game in C program files.

2) update all patches for the game from the FTA clan site (free the army - bf42 clan).

3) I use a Nvidia gtx 1050 ti card. Some recent ATI cards are incompatible with Battlecraft.

Does the game work?
-=PFC=- Kampfsau
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Re: Battleclaft ain't working in Windows 10

Post by -=PFC=- Kampfsau »

@ FrankVD

I think you use the Intel grafic chipset, thats the reason for your problem but syr i have no solution for that problem.

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