Need help on something super simple

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Need help on something super simple

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and bf1942 modding. Looking forward to playing around with this game I've owned for so long!
Any help on my small issue would be much appreciated!

I've made a small change to animations.rfa to change walking to sprinting. And I've made some small changes to Game.rfa to make machine guns (browning, mg42) less effective against planes. (Friend and I love dive bombing enemy bots but it's beyond frustrating when some tank gunner shoots you down in less than half a second).

These both work perfectly fine when I edit the bf1942 files. However, I would like to make this a separate mod rather than editing the base game files. I've made a folder for my mod, init.con etc. The mod appears to load fine through the custom game launcher in the menu. But neither of my two changes seem to take any effect in game once a map is loaded. I've made sure my init.con calls for my mod directory first and the bf1942 mod directory second. But the game just seems to ignore it altogether.

I've even tried copying the whole bf1942 folder into my mod directory and only called for my mod directory in init.con. But the game still runs as vanilla. I know init.con is being read as I can see my custom game name and description in the custom game menu thing.

I'm sure there's something really simple that I've completely overlooked, but any advice would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
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