Hello again, old friends

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Why Two Kay
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Hello again, old friends

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Not even sure how I thought about BF1942 recently... but I was amazed when serversidemodding.com still worked. I see it redirects here, and I know the old database/forum seems dead, but I can't believe y'all are still here. I made a post here in 2011 and I know I never replied, and here we are again.

Does the game even work anymore? I assume PunkBuster died forever ago? I see Moongamers.com still exists but I don't even know what they still play. I remember when EA abandoned the game, there was basically just a cdkey patch that everybody used, PB broke, and there was no real way to prevent cheaters? I never tried BF1943 or any of the free to play games. BF2142 was the last one I played in the 2000's.

I recently read through ssm_tuts/ and I honestly remembered writing some of them. Many of them I did not write, full credit to the original SSM owners and contributors. But man I could tell which ones I did write. Thanks for keeping this alive all these years. It honestly brought me a lot of nostalgia.

20+ years after the game's release, we can all assume each other's ages at this point. I was a barely a teenager when I started playing BF1942, in high school when I came to acquire serversidemodding.com, and a freshman in college when I sold it. I always had mixed feelings about doing that, but I can also say I've not played any major video games since then (maybe TF2 from 2007-2009, but nothing after that). Since that was over 10 years ago... whelp time flies. I bet it would have disappeared at some point if I was still in charge, so I'm almost glad I got rid of it.

Would love to hear from some of the big names from back in the day! Thanks all, Ryan V. (Why Two Kay, The Xevious, 2Kills, Medic Man)
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Re: Hello again, old friends

Post by Diamondback »

Hello, and welcome back!

The game is still alive, but hanging by a thread. The two biggest communities are SiMPLE in Europe and Moongamers in the United States. Moongamers is still very much active and they can have a full server of 64 players at times.

Here is a site displaying info on the number of servers and players currently online: http://bf1942.eu/


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Re: Hello again, old friends

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Hey Ryan,

Good to see you!
Also not around here too much these days. no modding for a good few years.

Not many oldies appearing here either so you might have to leave this thead a year or so for replies!

Was about to point you to the SSM backup but now notice it is not working.. another php update no doubt.. gradually killing off all the old forums out there :cry: edit* It's working again - Can access from the front page

Similar story to yours though.

very glad to try and keep this place running with a bit of help from Apache and Senshi and Freddy but none of us too active passed removing a bit of spam!
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