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December 11th 2004

The Battlefield Mod Development Toolkit 2.75 is available!

............< Click here to download >................

September 7th 2004

The Battlefield Mod Development Toolkit 2.5 is available!

June 2nd 2004

Menu Editor Fix ..this is now fixed in MDT versions 2.5 and above..
What is fixed: Adds new object types to allow loading of additonal menu files in the Menu Editor.

March 12th 2004

The Battlefield Mod Development Toolkit 2.0 is now available!

Version 2.0 of the Battlefield MDT now supports the following

  • Full Battlefield Vietnam Support
  • 3ds max 5 and 3ds max 6 Support
  • Gmax Support
  • New .3ds to .SM convertor (Allows any 3D application that supports .3ds to create Battlefield Models)
  • New Vehicle Importer
  • Support for Uncompressed files in WinRFA
  • Updated Menu Editor
  • Improved Model Import/Export Support

The MDT site has been updated to support Battlefield Vietnam.

Happy Modding!

Decemeber 7th 2003

The MDT team has released MDT Version 1.0c, It now supports Discreet's free GMAX product for 3D modeling and animation.
* GMAX must be downloaded and installed seperately. Once installed, you can instal the MDT GMAX tools.

November 11th 2003

The MDT team has released 3ds max sample files for Battlefield 1942.

It includes ,

  • fully skinned character and skeleton
  • 1st person animation using the thompson
  • colt reload animation
  • tank treads
  • Parachute model and skin

Check it out here or go to the Tools section.

November 7th 2003

MDT Version .9c has been released, get the latest version.

DICE has created some documents on AI for the Battlefield 1942 mod community.
Check them out here, they are a must see...

October 24th 2003
Updated the Damage System Tutorial.
Updated BFReports and Conanalysis scripts in the Overview Tutorial.

October 20th 2003
Updated the Damage System Tutorial. Thanks to DICE and Eric Hanes for the update.

October 16th 2003
Welcome to the Battlefield 1942 Mod Development Toolkit site. Here you can download all the neccesary tools for developing your own mods based on Battlefield 1942 as well as tutorials and examples on how to use these tools. To get started, download the beta version of the Mod Development Toolkit. Once installed, start going through the tutorials.

In the coming weeks you can expect to see more advanced tutorials and minimods coming online as well as full GMAX support.

Have fun and happy modding,
The Mod Development Toolkit team.

October 15th 2003
Added Destroyable Buildings advanced tutorial

October 13 2003

Updated MDT Tools version .9a

- 3dsmax tools
Export of .sm no longer requires automated .3ds export/import to fix Texture verticies
vertex normals are now kept for direct export ( .sm meshes no longer have extra hard edges )

October 9 2003
Added Sound Script Editor and Menu Editor tools guides

October 2 2003
Added new an Overview of the BattleField 1942 Damage system.
Added a Damage Grid Generator Perl Script
Added Make Map Program
Added new version of MDT with first draft of the Menu Editor and Front End

October 1 2003
Added new an Overview of the BattleField 1942 system.
Added a tutorial on creating new weapons in Battlefield 1942

September 30th 2003
Added new Land Vehicle Tutorial. This will set you through the process of creating a new land vehicles in BF1942.